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ASP Exhibit Showcase (New)

Below is a list of most commonly requested ASP exhibits. A sample snapshot and content are available for reference.

Reports or exhibits are prepared and published based on the statistical data collected. The reports present key insurance statistics. For information and access to the ASP exhibits, please refer to the PDF icon  GISA Catalogue of Statistical Information, and complete the Exhibits Order to order them.

We provide separate exhibits for PPV, COM and MC/ATV for most of the exhibit series.
The content listed below is only for demonstration purpose. We use the same content for exhibits of different jurisdictions and different vehicle types.

Exhibits are updated on an annual basis to reflect data from the previous year. Please refer to the “Availability” column for each year’s publication time. Availability may change slightly each year, please refer to PDF icon  GISA Catalogue of Statistical Information for updates.
Key Elements for all ASP Exhibits
Loss Development
Exhibits are available at year-end (700x) and mid-year (750x). Premium, claim counts and loss, expense and reserve amounts are available for the latest 16 accident half-years. The exhibit will assist in the calculation of loss development factors, payment patterns, IBNR estimates and trends.

AUTO 7001 / 7501 Private Passenger Snapshot
7002 / 7502 Commercial
7003 / 7503 Motorcycles and ATV’s Table of Contents

Actual Loss Ratio
The Actual Loss Ratio exhibit shows written and earned exposures and premium, number of claims, incurred losses, loss ratio, claim severity and claim frequency for the latest five years. Claims and losses are developed to ultimate and include unallocated loss adjustment expenses.

AUTO 1005 Private Passenger Snapshot
1010 PPA, Commercial, Motorcycles, ATV’s
1101 Farmers, Snow vehicles, Trailers, Fleet Table of Contents
This exhibit provides an overview of the experience by statistical territory. Please refer to the GISA Automobile Statistical Plan Manual for the territory definitions. Also included is a Distribution by Territory of Third Party Liability Losses greater than $200,000.

AUTO 3001 Private Passenger Snapshot
3002 Commercial
Table of Contents

A summary for the latest three years by driving record and vehicle use (class) as defined in the GISA Automobile Statistical Plan Manual. Also included is the Distribution by Class and Driving Record of Third Party Liability Losses greater than $200,000.

AUTO 1501 Private Passenger, Fleets, Trailers Snapshot
1502 Commercial, Fleets, Trailers
Table of Contents

These private passenger automobile, excluding farmers exhibits provide an overview of experience by gender, age, driver training, years licensed and vehicle use (class) for the past three years.

AUTO 2501 Years licensed, gender and age
2502 Years licensed, driver training, gender and age
2503 Urban/Rural, vehicle use, gender
AUTO 2504 Number of claims in the past six years, urban/rural, years licensed, driver training
2505 Number of years of claims free driving, urban/rural, years licensed, driver training Table of Contents
AUTO 2506 Type of Use, number of other operators, urban/rural
2507 Vehicle use, number of other operators, urban/rural

Size of Loss
This multi-part exhibit shows urban and rural distributions of claims by pure loss amount and by incurred expenses for the five latest accident years. The exhibits are available for Alberta, Ontario and the Atlantic Provinces.

AUTO 5001 Private Passenger Snapshot
5002 Commercial
Table of Contents
Available for Alberta, Ontario or the Atlantic Provinces. A report listing claims and pure loss amounts for All Perils, Comprehensive and Specified Perils Coverages by catastrophic event since 2002.

AUTO 6001 All vehicle types Snapshot
Table of Contents